Thursday, August 25, 2016

Break in Case of Emergency

Jen and her husband Jim are a thirty something couple living in a nondescript part of Brooklyn. Jim is a school teacher and Jen an unrealized artist who just started a new job at a bizarre nonprofit called LIFt. She has been there a month and cannot seem to figure out what exactly her job description is or what her superiors want from her. She is the organized type that craves feedback and they answer all her questions with questions and a very large smile. Throw in the mix that Jen and Jim are secretly working on “the project” of getting pregnant and Jen's best friends from college landed into more successful waters with a seemingly endless supply of funds. As Jen navigates the struggle to have a baby, pay the bills, be a good friend and figure out what she is supposed to be accomplishing at work, her world slowly begins to unravel. I loved the NYC young struggle, think The Devil Meets Prada. I thoroughly enjoyed the satire and ridiculous jargon of the nonprofit she works for that produces nothing, accomplishes nothing and helps no one. The very cool, witty writing of author Jessica Winter kept me hanging on. Funny as a satire of the philanthropy world, the art world and a young marriage trying to find their footing. A lot of truth in the deeper meaning behind Jen’s real and imagined problems. Recommend this enjoyable read.

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