Thursday, December 10, 2015

This is Your Life Harriet Chance

Harriet Chance wanted it all. She was a top student with
dreams of law school and a father that treasured and supported her. Harriet was a working girl at a time when her mother expected no more than to just find a nice husband and do away with these silly dreams of success. And then she meets and marries Bernard. And he was handsome and kind and he was proud of her aspirations. Slowly her future plans seem to unravel. A husband, two children and a home to care for, Harriet's dreams are long gone but not forgotten. Never forgotten. It seems as every bit of affection and love is drained from her marriage over the years, Harriet chalks it up to life and never quite finds the right time to restart the engines. And time just passes too quickly. Flash forward, at 79 years old she finds herself on a ridiculous Alaskan cruise, fighting with her spoiled, unreliable grown daughter and talking to Bernard who has been deceased for two years. She knows she is not crazy when this apparition continues to appear but does not understand why his ghost is basically haunting her. Amid the buffets and quirky cast of characters Harriet reflects on her life, on her mistakes and opportunities missed. She cannot let go of her regrets and the truths she learns about friendship, loyalty and love. I highly recommend this fantastic novel that I could not put down. The easy funny shockingly real story of how we age and our dreams evolve and move on but our hearts never do. Harriet is an imaginable character and gives the reader a lot to ponder. As they say, the days seem long but the years are short. No regrets, live your life.

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