Friday, November 20, 2015

Days of Awe

Isabel Moore has it all; a wonderful loving husband, an
adorable little girl named Hannah, over the top best friend and a job she loves at the local elementary school. Until she doesn't. Her best friend Josie is in a tragic car accident and Isabel's life quickly unravels. Isabel's dark sense of humor and biting personality push those she loves far away as she struggles to regain control of her life and find a new balance on her own. This crazy, funny, sad story was completely unputdownable. Moving quickly through Isabel's year the reader debates whether to laugh or cry while silently cheering for Isabel to figure out what we are all trying to do, everyday. Well aware of what she "has" in her life, she cannot get past the lost and sadness. You may wonder how that could possibly be funny at all but author Lauren Fox finds a way to wrap you around her little finger and laugh at things you are just not supposed to. Loved and highly recommend this fabulous read!

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