Friday, November 20, 2015

The Double Life of Liliane

This novel/autobiography/autofiction, call it what you may, is Liliane's life
from the perspective of a little girl to that of a grown woman. She is the daughter of a German movie producer and artistic mother also of German descent. Liliane is born in France where they reside and blend in as best they can. Not a word of German is spoken. The war is looming and her father is sent away with French troops. Her mother takes Liliane and her nanny on a wild ride across Europe, on a ship to America and later Peru. She ultimately remarries and resides in NYC. Liliane spends her adolescence traveling the world, meeting extraordinary people through her parents, both cultured and talented. They are unique and odd creatures that love her very much and Liliane spends her years trying to figure out where and how she fits in. Speaking a multitude of languages, intelligent and searching for the kind of love a young girl dreams of. This small diary like story contains snippets of conversations and moments of their lives, some meaningful and others purely anecdotal. Lily Tuck is beautiful writer, the words flow seamlessly. Highly recommend this enjoyable read and small peek into a rather intriguing family.

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