Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Sunlit Night

Frances, a recent college graduate has been chosen to spend her
summer as far north as possible. She will assist an artist with the completion of his installation on a small island in the Norwegian Sea, 95 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Frances leaves her bizarre parents in a small NYC apartment to sort out their unfathomable "separation" and bewilderment over her sister's upcoming marriage. So part of her journey is to escape the unknown of her future as well as a family in turmoil. It is on this tiny island that Frances meets an eclectic cast of characters, and Yasha, who moves her heart in ways she did not know possible. Yasha has found Lofoten by way of his own personal heartbreak. His beloved Russian father has died, his outrageous mother has reappeared after ten long years and Yasha fears he will be lonely for the rest of his life. Yasha and Frances find friendship as they navigate their feelings, open their hearts to the prospect of each other and try to imagine a portrait of their futures. As the night never comes (literally), it is the perfect location to discover brightness during their darkest days. This quirky, funny, delightful book is beautifully written. The colors come alive as the scenery takes you on a unexpected journey. I look forward to more from this fabulous new author.

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