Monday, July 6, 2015

Luckiest Girl Alive

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that! And neither was TifAni FaNelli.
This is the story of a young girl growing up bullied and tormented by the popular group at school she desperately tries to join and her parents loveless, unemotional relationship. All she wants is to fit in. At college Nell, her best friend, teaches her the ropes and now Ani (pronounced Ah-nee) swears to herself she will never not fit in again, her place will never be questioned, she will do it all perfectly. The man (she is engaged to Luke), the ring, the job, and the looks. Behind her sometimes vicious facade, all Ani really wants is to feel safe, to be happy and accepted. All Ani really wants is to accept or somehow forget her tragic past. Through her years in upscale Main Line of Philadelphia to a prestigious college and then the life Ani creates in Manhattan, she climbs and climbs to the top. But the air is very thin at the top and it's oftentimes hard to breathe. From the moment I picked up this perfect suspenseful novel I COULD NOT put it down. Brought quickly into Ani's world and told through alternating past and present chapters the reader is mesmerized and silently rooting (or is that praying?) for Ani. Do not wait for the movie, which Reese Witherspoon has already optioned, The Luckiest Girl Alive IS the book of the summer.

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