Friday, May 15, 2015

Alys, Always

As I am on a roll of what I call "light psychological suspense" novels,
Alys, Always is my newest find. After finishing and loving Her by Harriet Lane, I immediately needed to read more from this author! Frances, a thirty something editor at a struggling newspaper is driving home late one dark dreary night and notices strange headlights shining at an odd angle off the road. Frances immediately pulls over and to her horror finds Alys Kyte in the crush of a twisted car.  She quickly calls for help and although there is nothing she can do for Alys, she speaks comfortingly through the window during what becomes her last moments alive. Later Frances is asked by the grieving Kyte family to meet and reveal details of Alys's last words and thoughts. The husband happens to be an extremely famous and wealthy author. The son and daughter, two spoiled young adults that quickly warm up to Frances and find a rare bit of comfort with this bizarre connection. Frances, who by no means planned this chain of events, uses this new relationship to her benefit in the publishing world and her private life. This quiet, well written story was completely unputdownable. The pages turned so quickly, I truly had no idea what was to come. Right on the edge of right and wrong, deep in the heart of manipulation and truth, Frances plans each move with clarity and finesse. Highly recommend this incredible read and cannot wait for the next brilliant novel from Harriet Lane!!

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