Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Perfect Score Project

Debbie Stier, a single mom living in NY with two teenagers began
this project to entice her son Ethan to focus, prepare and really try to "care" about the upcoming SAT and college decisions that were on the horizon. What started as encouragement morphed into a year long project where (very brave!) Debbie tried every prep program, read every blog, spoke to every expert and STUDIED HARD! for the 7 (yes, 7!!) SAT's she took. This easy, funny personable story is her journey to understanding this exam which our society has (mis?)placed such utter importance on to predict success in college. Debbie really does her homework. She describes which trends worked, which fads didn't and most importantly - this is not a one size fits all industry. To succeed you really must understand your child's needs and instead of confusing or bombarding them, make a plan together. This author dissects through the history, changes and sales pitch currently marketed, with humor, warmth and unrelenting determination. I learned that my memory, of my own SAT experience, is very selective (as with all highschool memories!) and I now possess a much more clear idea of how to get through this trying time with teenagers successfully without breaking the bank or each other. A little laughter goes a long way. But lets be honest parents, its your fault no matter what. Highly recommend!

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