Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Reconstructing Amelia

By Kimberly McCreight
 Amelia is a smart, beautiful, talented teen attending a posh prep school in Brooklyn NY. She has a best friend, plays field hockey and dreams of being in love. Amelias mom Kate has done all that she can to make their family the best it can be. As a single parent with a stressful but satisfying job at a top law firm, Kate may not have enough hours in the day but like most parents she thinks she understands her daughter. When tragedy strikes Kate delves into the details she never knew existed. Emails, texts, facebook and horrid videos announce all the things that have been troubling Amelia. As Kate searches for answers her past collides with her present and everything she once believed is questioned. This suspenseful story with vivid characters analyzes the truth, not necessarily in the eye of the beholder but in the mysterious electronic language of this generation. If you liked Gone Girl, Defending Jacob or This Beautiful Life do not miss this contemporary mesmerizing story which is already in the works for a movie starring Nicole Kidman, perfect! BUY IT NOW! Reconstructing Amelia: A Novel

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