Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oleander Girl

By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Fall in love with Korobi Roy as she takes us on a journey through friendship, family, loyalty and secrets of the past.  This most endearing main character finds herself engaged to the man of her dreams, while forced to question everything she ever believed in about her parents, grandparents and most of all, herself. Korobi attends college in Kolkata, India, while living with her grandparents in their ancient beautiful home. Her grandfather is an especially well respected lawyer with a deep rooted family history that makes Korobi the perfect match for Rajat, son of two successful parents enmeshed in their climb of the social ladder. Korobi's honesty and innocence bring out the very best in this young man, Rajat, who is living life in the fast lane. After a confusing vision following her engagement, Korobi finds herself searching for the truth surrounding her parents death. Korobi is determined to understand the mother she has never known and follow her heart, no matter what the cost. From India to America Korobi's mix of strength, curiosity and bravery helps her confront these ghosts, both real and imagined. The author brings the story alive with the sights and smells and sounds of a rambunctious city (so vivid!) and young love of Rajat and Korobi, extremely likeable characters. Similar to my other India favorite's, here is a beautiful story not to be missed. An enjoyable read of a culture both exotic and mysterious that takes the reader to another continent, if only for a few days!

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