Sunday, May 19, 2013

Maya's Notebook

By Isabel Allende 
Maya Vidal is abandoned by her parents when she is very young. She is raised by her loving, intelligent beautiful grandparents whom she calls Nini and Popo.  When Popo unexpectedly passes away Maya is devastated and this tragedy leaves her despondent and careless. The beautiful, soccer playing girl is now a rebellious, belligerent teenager. Her behavior spirals out of control until she hits the very bottom of our society. This story approaches love, loss and friendship with a mix of spiritual guidance and sometimes magical beliefs. The very brightest star to the absolute lowest point in a humans life is described with extraordinary detail. The happiness and pain comes alive on these pages as the novel unfolds from their artistic home in Berkeley CA to the streets of Las Vegas and finally a remote island off of Chile. This author has a remarkable way to bring the reader into the very hearts and minds of these loveable characters. Do not miss reading this unique, one of a kind story. Excellent!

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