Thursday, April 25, 2013

The House Girl

The House Girl By Tara Conklin  
It is the mid 1800's and Josephine, a 17 yr old slave girl that has never stepped foot off of her owners plantation in Virgina wants to/has to/ must! run!  She has been "lucky" if one can see that being a house girl was far better than being a field hand. Josephine's missus teaches her to read and allows her to assist with paintings and drawings that are her saving grace after 17 miscarriages. Josephine is beautiful and has an artistic gift that one can only be born with. Flash forward, Lina Sparrow is a young twenty something lawyer at an elite NYC firm and has taken on the historical case of a lifetime regarding reparations for slave descendants. These two worlds, so separate yet completely connected. Ms. Conklin brings the reader so deeply into the thoughts and hearts of its characters, it's as if you are under a spell as each chapter unfolds. The voices are palpable and while it is quite clear what the heroines should do next, the steps are never that easy. Highly recommend this amazing story of love and hope and dreams of freedom.

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