Monday, April 8, 2013

Lessons in French

Lessons in French By Hilary Reyl 
Katie has just graduated from Yale, it is 1989 and she is an aspiring artist. Her mom has struggled to provide for her and desperately wishes Katie to follow a more substantial path with a promising future. Through friends of friends she has discovered an opportunity she cannot resist, to assist a famous photographer in Paris called Lydia Schell. It sounds too good to be true, Paris, romance, culture and meeting other inspiring artists. Although she will struggle financially and work hard to avert her mothers growing worries and disappointments, Katie is on the quickest flight to France she can find. In addition to all she hoped Katie also finds, lies, subversion, manipulation and the craziest household she has ever witnessed. The dynamics of those around her are both interesting and scary and Katie learns to find her own "style" and true self. Thoroughly enjoyed this coming of age story. Great characters, love Paris and enjoyable story!

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