Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Last Letter from your Lover

The Last Letter from your Lover  By Jojo Moyes 
This enchanting novel takes the reader inside of an old fashioned romance. Laurence and Jennifer Stirling, a wealthy married couple in 1950's, London. Jennifer is miserable, her husband is critical of every move she makes and every word she says. Her job is to look beautiful on his arm and be available when he needs her company. Jennifer is sad, she is lonely, she accepts this existence as she feels this is her job as a wife. Until she meets Anthony, a writer and although she knows it is wrong, she falls madly and passionately in love. Circumstances change her entire destiny. Skip forward 40 years and meet Ellie Haworth, a 32 year old writer in love with a married man. Ellie is anxious about the future of her job at the newspaper and her romance with an unavailable man. Until she meets Rory, until he shows her the beautiful, long lost letters and Ellie searches for the truth in love. Enjoyable, if a bit predictable, Ms. Moyes most certainly has a way with words and a creative mind and heart. Recommend this read!

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  1. Sounds like a good read, thanks for sharing!