Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Boy

The Boy By Lara Santoro      Anna lives with her little girl Eva in New Mexico. After bizarre snips of conversation with even more off the wall characters, Anna is described as a free spirit who has left her cheating ex husband who resides in England. After much difficulties in every area of her life Anna has decided to focus completely on her daughter who ironically takes care of her mother much more than the other way around. Until, The Boy. The Boy who is the twenty year old son of her good friend and neighbor. The Boy that makes Anna's mouth ache. A lot happens in this rather short novel. It is a miracle that one can follow the sarcasm, wit, deep dark humor of this unique group of characters as it twists and turns so abruptly but somehow you know what's going on. Most likely it is because this writing is so articulate, intense and original it drags you deeper and deeper into these lives, to places you are not sure you want to go. The storyline is probably less crazy than I would like to believe but it is a quick read and I recommend it if only to experience this style of writing not often seen.

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