Friday, March 22, 2013

The Aviator's Wife

The Aviator's Wife  By Melanie Benjamin    Anne Morrow Lindbergh married Lucky Lindy, Charles Lindbergh after  graduating from Smith College in 1929. Anne, the shy, intelligent daughter of a banker/Ambassador father and socialite mother, surprised even herself marrying this famous American hero just a short while after his monumental solo transatlantic flight to Paris. They begin a life filled with travel, family, adventure and intrigue only to be hounded and tortured by the press and publicity that they could only escape in the silence of the sky. This beautifully written historical novel unravels the mystery behind this famous couple, mostly revered for Charles's flying but there is so much more! Through these dire times of change Anne was the strength behind her beloved children and husband. It took Anne a long time to find her voice and credit herself for accomplishments both public and private. Highly recommend this incredible story, and loved the way the author detailed her path of discovery as an afterword. Don't miss this great read!

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