Sunday, December 30, 2012

These is My Words

These is My Words By Nancy E. Turner     The Prine family is traveling west on a wagon train in the Arizona Territories in 1881. Life is hard. They work day and night to merely survive, they struggle to eat, sleep and stay safe and healthy. Sarah is a young girl that begins to keep a journal practicing the bit of reading and writing that her papa taught her and most girls/women have not learned. She is tough and smart and brave and the reader is enamored with Sarah immediately. As she grows up begins the saga of her life, her deep romantic love with Captain Elliot and the family she raises. This book is Little House on the Prairie for adults, it is a time that is both hard to imagine, yet not that long ago. The characters are wonderful and remain with the reader long after the book is over. Could not put this one down. Enjoy!!

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