Monday, December 10, 2012

Paris A Love Story

Paris A Love Story By Kati Marton   This memoir reflects the life of Kati Marton, journalist, novelist, mother, daughter and wife. She has lived an exciting life as she traveled the world, spoke multiple languages and was married to both Peter Jennings, renowned newsanchor and Richard Holbrooke, beloved American diplomat. All of this, combined with living in the romantic exciting city of Paris (at multiple times in her life) would have seemed a perfect read except; the author has used this memoir as her therapy after the devastating loss of her second husband Richard Holbrooke and it its thoroughly depressing. In addition, it is equally sad that Ms. Marton who is no doubt extremely successful and accomplished in every way, contemplates the majority of her choices through her relationships with these famous and complicated men in her life. Maybe this is more common than not but I was uninspired by this story.

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