Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Baker's Wife

The Baker's Wife  By Erin Healy      Audrey senses peoples emotions. She can feel their pain, their illness and their sadness. It is random and when Audrey deciphers whose feelings she is emulating, she aims to help them, to soothe them and share their pain. When she does, hers subsides as well. Audreys family life is in turmoil. Her husband has lost his job as pastor and they are struggling to start a new business, a bakery. Their teenage son has troubles of his own and then there is a mysterious accident and Audrey has to use her faith and intuition to save the people she loves. This unique story captured my imagination with many twists and turns. I really enjoyed this mystery filled with the power of the mind and the heart. Highly recommend this intriguing read.

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