Monday, October 29, 2012

Some Girls Some Hats and Hitler

Some Girls Some Hats and Hitler  By Trudi Kanter      A beautiful, poetic memoir of a young gorgeous woman living in Vienna in 1938. Trudi is a stylish, sharp hat designer with her own successful boutique. She is in love with Walter and her intelligent, kind parents live nearby. They live an exciting yet simple life in a lively city that is filled with art and culture and romance. Through the eyes of this young woman we read of the destruction of this life, of this city and all Trudi knows and loves as Vienna is taken over by the Germans. The people of Vienna lose their freedom and livelihoods very quickly. Fear is instilled seemingly overnight. But Trudi is not in denial and she quickly uses her wit, her charm and her instincts to guide her family out of their beloved city. This is a unique memoir of a time when Trudi is recalling not only the terror but the details of her young life, love and passions. Trudi is amazed people are still wearing hats at a time such as this.

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