Sunday, October 7, 2012

In the Shadow of the Banyan

In the Shadow of the Banyan  By Vaddey Ratner    Raami is a 7 year old girl in 1975, when the Khmer Rouge revolted and took over Cambodia. The uprisings, massacres, violence, and starvation were ongoing for four years. Raami's family was torn apart. They lost everything, everyone and every way of life as they knew it. They had been a peaceful, spiritual, loving family and its these memories that keep Raami alive, believing and even when all odds are against her survival, holding on to a bit of hope. This novel, based on the authors own life history is moving and honest in ways very few people can describe. I was both on the edge of my seat wondering what the outcome would be and in tears as Raami has to accept things most adults, let alone a small child could endure. This novel and the writing are stupendous. I have learned and loved these characters and their story will always be in my heart.

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