Sunday, October 14, 2012

Seating Arrangements

Seating Arrangements By Maggie Shipstead      A wedding weekend meticulously planned by the Van Meter family. No detail left unattended. But this is no ordinary wedding. Daphne and Greyson are to be married on the small vacation island of Waskeke. The one hitch of this perfect hitch is the rush before the baby is born. Daphne is pregnant. And in this world of perfect table settings and lots of cocktails her saving grace is that they are a perfect match and very much in love. The chaos that ensues around the happy couple are predictable and hilarious with the island celebration  bringing the two families together. Throw in some beautiful bridesmaids, a father of the bride who openly lusts one of them, a groom with three brothers and a whale found dead on the beach and there is quite a party weekend to be had by all. Highly recommend this light, funny, easy read about social ladders, weddings and family. This author is terrific at character building. You feel like you know them from somewhere, maybe you do?

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