Monday, May 28, 2012

The Flight of Gemma Hardy

The Flight of Gemma Hardy By Margot Livesey   Gemma Hardy was born in Iceland to loving parents. When she was three years old, her parents died and Gemma's life as she knew it did too. She was taken to Scotland and raised by her warm and generous uncle, until his untimely death. At 10 years old Gemma is left in the world to live with her cruel aunt and unruly cousins who despise her and do whatever they can to make her feel unwelcome. Gemma is sent to a boarding school, where although extremely bright, she is put to work and treated as a maid. Gemma learns very young how to fend for herself and begins to plan her uncertain future.  She is a wonderful character and while the reader cheers for Gemma the whole way through it is hard to know what the next twist and turn will be. The reader can merely contemplate the question of life: What do we truly need to be happy? It may begin with food and shelter to survive but friendship and love is equally vital. Highly recommend this wonderful novel. A great summer read!!

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