Sunday, May 20, 2012

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother  By Amy Chua   Memoir following the family life of Amy Chua. Amy, her husband Jed and two daughters, Sophia and Lula live in New Haven CT. Amy and Jed both teach law at Yale. Their daughters are being raised by Amy's method of The Chinese Mother way. From the beginning, Amy instills the strong beliefs regarding education, discipline, respect and time management that she herself followed throughout her childhood. Success, self confidence and most importantly opportunity were at her doorstep because of these attributes. Hard work, being the best, determination and competition are what she believes is the Chinese Mother path to freedom, which is really about having a multitude of life choices because of your achievements. Her constant comparisons to the Western way of parenting (these terms are loosely used) are generally accurate. Sometimes her methods are successful and sometimes disastrous. This memoir is an interesting, witty and honest account of one parents extreme methods to give her children the very best she has to offer. It astounds me that she later received an enormous amount of criticisms and ridicule after her story was published. I found it both enlightening and entertaining and that has nothing to do with what I believe are the correct or best methods. If we stop looking at all sides of the coin our learning and evolution cease to exist. Highly recommend this memoir, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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