Sunday, February 12, 2012

State of Wonder

State of Wonder  By Ann Patchett     Dr. Marina Singh is the main character of this unique, adventurous, suspenseful novel. Marina is a pharmacologist, MD, PhD, working for a huge pharmaceutical company called Vogel. She is having a quiet affair with the older, widowed CEO, Mr. Fox. Her office mate and dear friend, Anders is sent to Brazil to check on research the company is funding in a very deep remote part of the Amazon. When word of Anders death finally reaches them, Anders wife, Karen begs Marina to travel to Brazil and confirm this news and gather the details of which they received very few. Once Marina is in Brazil this novel takes the reader off to another world. You can feel the intense heat, enormous bugs and virtual dangers as they are encountered. Although leery of my interest of the subject at first, State of Wonder turned out to be an excellent read and one I did not want to end! Highly recommend this novel!

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