Sunday, February 26, 2012


Mudbound  By HillaryJordan   This story takes place in the late 1940's. It is post WWII in Mississippi and Laura is thought to be destined a spinster. Although she and her siblings are college educated and lead a modern lifestyle, if you are unmarried and in your 30's, you are considered an old maid. Until she meets Henry. He is a bit older, intelligient, somewhat sophisticated and romance blossoms. To the delight of everyone, they marry and following his dreams of farming, Henry moves the family to a rural area far from everything Laura knows and loves. She calls the farm Mudbound due to the torrential, flooding rains and lack of ever feeling truly clean again. Henry's mean spirited pappy moves in with them, as does his brother Jamie, who is  quite the ladies man. This is a small story, in a small town with very small minded people but somehow this magnificent author brings it all to life in a big way. The reader can imagine each and every character, their joy and their sadness are palpable. Savor each chapter because it goes too quickly. Highly recommend this novel, quite sure there will someday be a movie to follow.


  1. You sold me! I have never heard of this book, but it sounds delightful. I will have to find it on Amazon.

    1. It was really terrific. So nice of you to write me. I will check out your blog and get to work on mine to make it easier to follow! Thanks!

  2. Just finished reading Mudbound...recommend...very good ...