Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Odds

The Odds By Stewart O' Nan    Marion and Art are both unexpectedly unemployed. They have reached middle age after many years of marriage, two grown children and their fare share of ups and downs. On the brink of bankruptcy and divorce they decide to gamble their remaining finances and their love on Valentines weekend at Niagara Falls, the destination of their long ago honeymoon. Stewart O' Nan brings the reader right along for the journey. As you read this story, which is designed in short easy chapters, the reader can hear the slot machines ringing. The author is right on, the characters saying and thinking exactly what most think but rarely say out loud. Scary part is, its too real, its slightly depressing. The issues people do not wish to face, the feelings couples fear are gone forever, the daily grind that gets you nothing but a cheap weekend visiting Ripleys Believe it or Not! and eating cheap ugly buffets. Art and Marion find out there is more.

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