Saturday, January 1, 2011

Extraordinary Ordinary People By Condoleezza Rice

Extraordinary Ordinary People  By Condoleezza Rice    Easily should be called, extraordinary woman who was raised by incredible loving intelligent parents. This memoir is a moving and interesting story of Condoleeza's life from early years in Birmingham Alabama to the classes at University of Denver and later tenure at Stanford. Condoleeza grew up to the "you need to be twice as good" anthem and later followed in her fathers footsteps of educational advocacy. She is a smart, kind, well spoken, well written and genuinely caring person that has used her gifts to help others throughout her life. Condoleeza has worked with and for some of the most interesting leaders of our time. In this book she takes the reader on a pleasurable and easy to follow journey that one would not want to miss. We are not talking republican or democrat here, we are talking about an extraordinary role model and person.

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  1. Just completed reading this excellent book. She is an incredible woman.I recommend it highly.