Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good Things I Wish You

Good Things I Wish You.  By A. Manette Ansay. 

From Johannes to Clara in 1856: " I wish I could write you as tenderly as I love you and tell you all the good things that I wish for you. You are so infinitely dear to me, dearer than I can say....."

Award winning novelist Manette Ansay's latest book is a story about Jeanette Hochman, a 40 year old, divorced woman raising a child in South Florida. She is just edging herself back into the world of dating via a dating service. Jeanette meets Hart, a German born entrepreneur who helps her with some translating and begins a mostly platonic friendship that she is not always confident will work. She has been researching for years the infamous love triangle between musician Clara Schumann, her husband, composer Robert Schumann and his protege Johannes Brahms. The story flips between present day Miami and 19th century Germany. There is deep love involved, child parent relationships and friendships that are struggling to survive. An intriguing subject and unqiue style of writing make this a terrific read! To grasp some of the detail better, a little google search is helpful, and set the scene by putting on a little piano music while reading!

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