Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The 19th Wife

The 19th Wife  By David Ebershoff      This novel is historical fiction at its best. Ann Eliza Webb Young is the 19th wife of the infamous Bringham Young. In 1874 she leaves him. She writes a memoir and travels America lecturing to enlighten people on how polygamy is destroying the Mormons, destroying women and children and should be against the law in the United States. In The 19th Wife the author intertwines this history (reaching to the very beginning of the Mormons in the early 1800's) and a modern day polygamist murder that has taken place in a small desert town. Jordan Scott is a young twentysomething man that was excommunicated from the Firsts religious group as a teenager. He thought he would never see his family again, but returns when his father is murdered and mother is in jail for the crime. Jordan is determined to find the truth in this drama that unfolds before his very eyes. Jordan is a very likeable character which makes the reading wonderful. Ann Eliza is described in such detail that her voice could be heard. The 19th Wife is a unique blend of ethics, intrigue, relationships, gender identity, love and religion. Are people free to live how they choose and who gets to decide. A book I could not put down and it is neither light nor quick. The only advice I should dispense is that this is fiction based on pieces of history. It is a little confusing at times, just keep reading and do your googling later. Enjoy the ride back in time.


  1. i loved the book!!! And did quite a lot of research later!!!
    Still i found some parts dragging in a way, i skipped them.

  2. Exclllent novel.Takes you inside of a lifestyle most of us do not know much about. I recommend it highly.