Thursday, March 28, 2024

The Princess of Las Vegas

On August 31, 1997 the world was shocked to learn Princess Diana of Wales had tragically died in a car crash while being chased by paparazzi. Years later Crissy Dowling finds herself as a struggling actress in Las Vegas. She has an uncanny resemblance to Princess Di and with a little tweaking of hair color and speech, people do double takes wherever she goes. Her agent set her up for a one woman show at a second rate hotel located just off the strip and to her surprise she hit the jackpot. After years of searching, she finally found her new home. Living in the hotel and performing two sold out shows a night, Crissy continued to enhance the stage with Charles and all the happy/sad drama that Diana’s life entailed. Adrift since the passing of their mother, Crissy is surprised to learn her younger sister Betsy, lifelong trouble maker, has moved to Vegas trying to turn her own life around. She is accompanied by a snarky 13 year old she recently adopted and a questionable boyfriend named Frankie. Betsy is given a job at a crypto company Frankie is involved called Futurium. From the minute they arrive Crissy is suspicious of their financial dealings and gun toting business partners. Mimicking the mob from the 1950’s these ruthless men are trying to take over her hotel and coerce “Diana” to perform for their investors. As the mystery builds the sisters cannot find a way to extricate themselves from the spider web of lies these people have created. An absolute page turner, I truly enjoyed and recommend this original fun storyline. Reminded me of this authors fast paced previous book, The Flight Attendant. On that note it does get a little too impossible and for some reason his overzealous vocabulary felt unnecessary. Still a thumbs up! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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