Sunday, March 31, 2024

Just For the Summer

Justin and Emma meet online. It turns out they share the same curse. Every time a relationship ends, their ex goes on to meet “the one.” What starts as jaunty banter turns super flirty super fast. Even though Abby is a traveling nurse about to leave for a 3 month stint in Hawaii with her best friend Maddy, she is intrigued enough to change her summer plans and relocate to an adorable lake house on Lake Minnetonka. Justin, a tech guy who works remotely, is about to endeavor on some serious responsibility for a single young man. His mother is going to prison for fraud and he must take care of his three younger siblings for the foreseeable future. Although when the two finally meet their chemistry is off the chart, Emma has her own emotional baggage caused by years in foster care and a delinquent mother. Maddy, who is quite a character, really holds down the fort throughout this dramatic rollercoaster. Even though the setting was charming and lots of romance was brewing between these likable characters, the story was way more drama than this authors previous romcoms. A quick read but for me its a like not love. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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