Thursday, November 30, 2023

Recipe for Second Chances

Stella Park is an associate editor at a fancy gourmet magazine. She has a passion for all things food and two fabulous best friends, one of whom is getting married. Samuel Gordon, a lawyer, is the grooms best friend and Stella’s one that got away. Stella and Sam had a whirlwind romance during college that ended very badly and they haven’t seen each other since. Although that feels like a lifetime ago Stella has not forgotten the pain of her sisters divorce and the promise she made to protect her heart at all costs. Still single - by choice! - it has been nine long years and Stella never felt that special spark again. She wouldn’t dare let anyone get close enough to even try. And then there is Sam - a guest at the wedding that she didn’t expect to see in the beautiful Italian countryside - looking more handsome than ever. Stella was terrified then and she is terrified now. Every look from Sam turns her stomach upside down. Dancing, eating and drinking their way through this romantic venue is too much to resist. Maybe she can keep trying this one particular recipe until it comes out just right. Delectable, mouthwatering cuisine and a huge Indian/Italian wedding with all the traditional trimmings is a rollercoaster of fun and laughter. Fabulous debut author who needs no introduction as she is already a well known cookbook author and TV personality. Reading and eating, sounds perfect to me! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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