Thursday, November 30, 2023

Recipe for a Charmed Life

Running her own kitchen in Paris has been Georgia’s goal since she was ten years old. As a little girl, desperately lonely after her mother disappeared, Georgia loved to cook and follow Julia Child religiously. At 18 she could not get away from the dusty old ranch quick enough and headed to culinary school. Now, after twelve years in Paris she has the chance for her dreams to come true. When she finds her boyfriend/boss Etienne in the walk in fridge with their new pastry chef it all comes tumbling down. The owner of the restaurant assures Georgia she is still in the competition but there is no hope unless she can get her “spark” back. Angry and heartbroken about Etienne she also discovers her unique sense of taste has mysteriously disappeared. When Georgia receives a cryptic message to visit her long lost mother in the San Juan Islands she realizes this may be her chance to finally get the answers to questions that have plagued her for thirty years. With time running out she travels back to America and arrives on a magical island. Greeted by her beautiful mother Star and a local oyster farmer named Cole (who looks like a super model), it is clear that she has come the right place. Never one to give up, Georgia follows what she already knows - faith, hope, love and luck - the recipe for a charmed life. Don’t miss this delicious romcom filled with food, love and family. Releases Jan 2024. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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