Monday, May 8, 2023


This Fourth of July weekend Amy and Jo Sharp will be turning 30! It is also the weeklong events leading up to Jo’s wedding. As twins these two sisters had always been inseparable. Every event and emotion shared equally. But lately Amy has been reticent, plans rescheduled, only to be cancelled. The close knit family barely knows the groom Dave - but Jo, always the romantic, has been smitten since this speedy romance began 6 months ago. Along with Dave’s family and friends, they arrive Sunday on the Kismet ferry to celebrate the young couple. This small Fire Island community has held an idyllic place with the Sharp family for as long as the girls can remember, long hot summers growing up with games, BBQ’s and friends galore. Their parents vacation home encompassed everything that said summer. Everything that said family. Amy and her husband Ben step off the boat acting strangely. Fake smiles in place they do not appear the happy, affectionate couple that have been best friends for their entire lives. Dave’s parents turn up aloof and secretive, Jo fears they do not want this wedding to occur. When Dave’s best man Emmett finally disembarks their world is turned upside down. Amy does everything she can to hide a secretive and painful past. She does not know if her heart can survive this runaway wedding. Truly enjoyed this quirky family, sisterly love and fabulous setting. Perfect read to get excited for summer! I may just have to check out Kismet! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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