Friday, January 20, 2023

Yours Truly

Briana’s divorce is days from being finalized. Her brother’s kidneys are failing and he anxiously awaits a donor match. Her promotion to be lead ER doctor at the hospital she has dedicated herself to for the last decade has been postponed. Anything else? Oh, right, Briana is living in the crumbling home she grew up in with ugly shag carpet and childhood posters staring her down. In walks Dr. Jacob Maddox. He just transferred from Memorial West, is ridiculously handsome and out for HER promotion. One mishap after another has Briana and her staff keeping as far away as possible from Dr. Death aka the new guy. Until one day Jacob writes Briana a letter. In pen! On Paper! Jacob has been misunderstood. His severe panic attacks keep him at arms length, prevent him from the typical social interactions one might expect. He is smart and warm and kind to the patients and in no way wants Briana’s job, although he is beginning to enjoy her attention. Jacob has recently suffered his own horrible uncoupling. He now needs a pretend girlfriend for an upcoming wedding to get his meddlesome family off his back. They begin a shockingly easy friendship. Briana calms him, understands him. Jacob makes her feel safe. While neither could have imagined a new relationship so soon after heartbreak they may be the solution to both their problems. Wonderful romcom filled with adorable characters and an abundance of life lessons. This follow up to Part of Your World is a spring must read. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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