Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Exes and O's

Tara Chen has had no luck with men. Most recently her (ex)fiancĂ© called off their wedding. After months of sadness camped out at her sister’s house, she is swapping places with Crystal’s soon to be husband. From the moment Tara arrives at her new apartment she knows she is in trouble. Trevor Metcalfe is a beyond handsome hunk firefighter with a string of one night stands every day of the week. Trying to get out of her own funk Tara, aka the romance queen online, takes her book loving followers to the next level. She challenges herself with her favorite trope - second chance romance. Desperate for love and a date for the Valentine’s Gala at the hospital where she works, Tara compiles a list of her ten great loves that broke her heart. One by one she searches for each guy, some she hasn’t seen since her playground days but as her grandma always said, men get better with age. At the same time while keeping an arm’s length (or more) from Mr. Hot Roommate, Trevor becomes her sounding board helping Tara reel back her clingy tendency so as not to scare away every one of her potentials. Their growing connection “as friends” (wink wink) is perfect while Tara tears apart the list one victim at a time. BIG HUGE laugh out loud romcom, I adored every single page of this addictive page turner. *Note - I didn’t know this was #2 in The Influencer series and I didn’t read #1. Exes and O’s can definitely stand alone!  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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