Friday, October 28, 2022

The Matchmaker's List

At twenty nine years old the pressure is on. Raina Anand has finally allowed her beloved Nani (grandmother) to set her on up blind dates until she finds “the one.” In this small traditional Indian community in Toronto gossip spreads fast and rumors even faster. After a tumultuous childhood Raina managed to find success and independence as a financial analyst working downtown. But as a single woman she is already labeled an old maid. Permission granted, Nani lines up the suitable bachelors. Making her way down the potential love list Raina becomes frustrated and discouraged as do most of her dates who were similarly coerced by meddling mothers! Desperate to appease her Nani and the aunties trying to find an eligible Indian man, she goes on exhausting date after date becoming frustrated and resentful. At the same time Raina is helping arrange a huge wedding affair for her best friend and cannot deny the unmistakable chemistry brewing with the best man (not on her list!) Raina learns the hard way that arranged marriages may not be so very different from the widely popular online dating apps her friends use. Learning to balance traditional values with modern day matchmaking turns into a priceless lesson of family, friendship and the pursuit of happiness. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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