Thursday, October 13, 2022

Drunk in Love

Running the family winery in the Napa Valley is no easy task. Margot’s brother is the winemaker and when their beloved uncle passed away, all business duties fell on her petite shoulders. It hasn’t been easy but one thing is certain, Margot is a hard worker and will do anything to prove her worth. After returning from a short business trip, Margot stops in at The Barrell, her friend Sydney’s quaint bar/restaurant down the street. In walks Luke Williams, a new face in the familiar crowd and as sexy as they come. Their immediate connection leads to hours long conversation. After leaving the bar there is no doubt whether they will be together, only question is to whose apartment. A night she will never forget, Margot arrives at work the next morning on cloud nine. She is shocked when an hour later her brother introduces her to their new employee, drumroll please … Luke Williams. What began as a sexy one night stand becomes an incredibly confusing and tense situation. Surrounded by gorgeous rolling hills, mouthwatering bottles of wine and plenty of family chaos, Margot and Luke must figure out if they can work together, remain friends and face the burning truth. This wine filled flirty romance is perfect for many a happy hour. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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