Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Something Wilder

Lily’s father Duke was never around much. He was always out chasing one of his treasure hunting dreams. The ranch was sold long ago and Lily, a hard working and resourceful young woman has managed on her own taking small groups on outdoor adventures. Lily shares just enough of her father’s old tales to give these guests a little mystery. Mostly, it pays the bills. When the ranch is for sale once again it is Lily this time that finds herself chasing the treasure dream. The handwritten maps her father left, with notes only she can interpret are her last chance to get back to the place she always believed she should be. The next group of tourists includes a ghost from her past. Leo once spent a summer helping on the ranch. Lily was young and impressionable when Leo disappeared her heart was completely broken. Here he is in the flesh with his buddies from the big city. Even though Lily is not quick to forgive and forget, Leo is willing to risk everything to win back her love. I have read every single book by this dynamic duo author team and this one is most certainly my least favorite. I think I know where it was heading with a mix of romance and adventure but the mark was way off. Silly beyond belief and just wanted it to end. ⭐️⭐️

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