Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Luck & Last Resorts

Nina Lejeune has been working on a super yacht for the last ten years. She is now chief stewardess and runs her team with an iron fist. Nina’s ex-boyfriend, Irish chef Ollie, no longer works on the yacht but their on-again off-again romance is still off the hook. When they are together their attraction is unstoppable and neither have been able to maintain an actual relationship outside of their own. When Nina steps aboard after a long summer she is ready for the season and shocked to find Ollie in the kitchen, as he had been working in a fancy schmancy Miami restaurant the last few years. Naturally he is adorable, talented and has an accent that melts hearts but Nina refuses to be dependent on anyone. After the disappointment she experienced with her own parents, she trusts no-one. Believing it is easier to be on her own, Nina pushes away Ollie’s affections whenever it feels too real. Their secret past comes back to haunt them and Nina must choose her future or lose him forever. Very cute, Below Deck - ish, fun characters but the push pull is exhausting when someone really cannot get out of their own way. Its a quick easy read, I liked but not loved.  (I did not read Love, Lists & Fancy Ships which is the first in this series and has very good reviews.) ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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