Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Meant to Be

Joe Kingsley is the “It” guy of the eighties. Born into a high achieving, wealthy family - Joe always had that special something. Carrying the memory of his father, an astronaut and American hero who perished a tragic death, Joe is smothered with love from his stylish, well bred mother. With his all American good looks, athleticism and natural charm Joe finds it’s smooth sailing to pretty much get whatever and whomever he wants. His mother repeatedly reminding him that as the receiver of many gifts, much is expected. The pressure of being a Kingsley and barrage of unwanted publicity leaves Joe constantly on the search for true happiness and often his next adrenaline rush. One day, on a windy beach in the Hamptons, he stumbles upon a photo shoot and meets the most stunning woman he has ever seen. After continuous begging and pleading Cate finally agrees to a date. And just as Cate feared there is no turning back. Their pasts cannot be more different. Cate grew up in another world, a dysfunctional home filled with dread and disappointment. Until Joe, Cate never dreamed there was a love this great. Succumbing to the terrifying paparazzi and harsh public opinion, Cate cannot resist her full heart and Joe’s eternal optimism. Their romance is one people write books about.  Loosely (very loosely!) based on the Kennedy’s these characters were easily imaginable and beloved. This “what if” novel is beautiful all on its own - but with JFK Jr’s handsome face in mind, Meant to Be comes instantly to life and melted my heart. This imaginative, well written, captivating love story is unputdownable and the absolute PERFECT summer read! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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