Monday, May 23, 2022

Every Summer After

When Persephone Fraser’s parents buy a cottage in Barry’s Bay, Ontario Canada - she is a scrawny, insecure typical 13 year old girl. Next door to this quaint new summer home are the Florek’s - two noisy boys and their sweet mom, Sue. While Sue runs the small town tavern, Charlie (15) and Sam (13), tend to run wild and quickly take Percy under their brotherly wings. Jumping off rocky cliffs, swimming across the lake and getting into all sorts of mischief becomes the norm and Percy’s summers become what dreams are made of. Secretly in love with Sam from the day they met the two become best friends, often reading each others minds along with Percy’s horror stories and blushing at Charlie’s unending stream of girlfriends. Every summer the balance tips a little bit more and they grow up in every way possible. Finally seeing each other in a new light Percy and Sam explore first love. Narrated alternately with the past and present, we find Percy at 30 years old returning to Barry’s Bay after 12 long years of complete silence. The guilt she carries along with intense loneliness for the years gone-by, Percy is terrified to see Sam but knows it is time for the complicated truth to finally be revealed. Beneath the nuanced past is an exquisite peek at the often painful, exciting, confusing and memorable years of adolescence. Truly cherished this extraordinary debut novel of friendship, family and the young summers we never forget.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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