Saturday, January 15, 2022

One Night on the Island

Cleo writes a dating column for one of the top women’s online publications in London. She cleverly calls the man she is searching for her “flamingo” as they mate for a lifetime. While most matches amount to nothing, Cleo has not given up on the idea of true love. As her 30th birthday approaches the editor in chief suggests a publicity stunt that sends Cleo’s world upside down. Cleo is to marry herself to signify independence and self love. She is sent to an idyllic island off the Irish coast where she intends to write a series and search for life’s hidden meanings. Unfortunately, when Cleo arrives on the island the weather is brutal and her simply adorable cottage is not empty. Cleo is greeted by Mack, an American whose distant cousin owns the property. Accompanying Mack is a mountain of baggage that rivals her own and the two find themselves in a stubborn standoff deciding who gets to stay. Due to the inclement weather and no alternative lodgings - a line is visibly drawn and Cleo and Mack have to figure out how to coexist in this small space. Naturally a meet cute ensues. Always a fan of everything Irish, this romcom dragged just a wee bit but was saved by the quirky adorable cast of characters. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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