Thursday, January 27, 2022

Just Haven't Met You Yet

Laura tells the best love stories. Her online interviews of “how did you meet?”are one of the most popular columns for Love Life magazine. Laura’s upcoming story will feature her parents historic and most romantic meeting on Jersey in the Channel Islands. After a bit of a rocky morning Laura arrives at her hotel only to realize she has grabbed the wrong suitcase off the carousel. Calling back Ted, the grumpy taxi driver with the unkempt beard - they head to the airport to straighten out the mix-up. Unfortunately, the airline does not have the case, nor will they divulge passenger information. Searching the bag for clues Laura realizes fate has intervened as this man has her most favorite novel, sheet music for none other than her most favorite Phil Collins and clothes that she instantly imagines only the most handsome, sexy man would wear. With a number found on the tag Laura has left messages for her new soulmate and awaits their eventual meet-cute. Grumpy Ted becomes Laura’s personal tour guide as she attempts to retrace the steps her parents took on this quaint island years ago. As she hunts for lost luggage lover this adorable character finds trouble at every turn. Together with the now shaved and shockingly handsome Ted, Laura slowly discovers the painful truth about her family and herself. Perfect, fast moving and sweet, this romcom is the perfect Valentine’s treat. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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