Sunday, October 10, 2021

A Letter To Three Witches

In the quaint upstate town of Zenobia lives three witches. Gwen, Trudy and Milo are close cousins and although their family no longer practices their craft - the cocktail coven are inseparable. Then there is Tannith who was adopted by Gwens family at a young age when her parents tragically passed away. Pretending to be “sisters” with Tannith was never easy for Gwen as the beautiful, manipulative and seemingly perfect Tannith made her life miserable. One day Tannith delivers a note to each of the cousins suggesting that one of their partners has been bewitched and will be departing with her to the city in a weeks time. Since their great great grandfather caused an insurmountable catastrophe nearly 100 years ago their entire family has been banned from witchcraft and the cousins do not know how to stop this madness. Will it be Gwen’s fairly new live in beetle loving boyfriend? Trudy’s boring history professor husband? Or Milo’s handsome, mayoral candidate? As the trio slowly unravel this mystery they are subsequently caught up in spells and potions well out of their comfort zone. Throw in some potentially powerful cupcakes, frogs and bunnies and poof! - these three witches will have you completely enchanted. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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