Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Gifted School

Four families in the fictional town of Crystal, Colorado find themselves fighting for a few precious spots in the new “gifted school” being built. They have been friends for years but there is not as much competition in baby wipes compared to travel soccer (best in the state) and IQ tests required for this new program. As the competition to read younger, speak foreign languages and perform on and off the field increases each year, so do the buried secrets and escalating lies. Through painful divorce, untimely death and the financial strains of keeping up with the Jones’s - these families desperately struggle to maintain the close friendship they once treasured. Well written and with uncanny humor, this fictionalized reality is filled with our absurd race to nowhere and the reminder that it is vitally important to re-examine ones parenting behavior on and offline. Enjoyable read and filled with scary truth, I highly recommend this clever summer novel!

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