Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Unbreakables

When Sophie Bloom turns forty-two an elegant dinner celebration with her closest friends is arranged. But a sparkly night of dressed up champagne toasts quickly turns disastrous when it is revealed that her darling devoted husband has been serially cheating on her for years. Maybe worse than a mid-life crisis, her closest friends have betrayed her, and as the scandal blows up the internet Sophie decides to escape the shame and pain by visiting her grown daughter who is studying in Paris. What begins as merely a quick escape turns into Sophie’s chance at another life filled with her rekindled passion for sculpting, the truth about her marriage and a window into new possibilities. Filled with charming frenchmen, great art and hot sex, this is a page turning and unputdownable summer delight. I definitely think when the going gets tough, a trip to Paris may be just the answer! 

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