Saturday, June 29, 2019

Little Stones

Reading like a memoir, this novel by Elizabeth Kuiper journals the adventures of Hannah Reynolds. Narrated by this precocious 11 year old, Little Stones depicts Hannah's early life in Zimbabwe. Raised by her single, smart mum Jane and her housekeeper Gogo, Hannah reveals her fears and triumphs as her grandparents lose their tobacco farm, guardianship is endlessly argued and their home is brutally attacked by thieves. Young Hannah also lets us peek at her typical little girl life; playing dress up with friends, worrying about her Shona language exams and birthday surprises. Living in Zimbabwe is both simple and complicated as a loaf of bread inflates to tens of millions of Zimbabwe dollars, power and water are often intermittent and electronic gates no longer guarantee safety. Highly recommend this well written, enjoyable debut novel that will take you to Africa without leaving your lounge chair!

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