Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Beantown Girls

Fiona, Dotty and Viviana, three best friends from Boston have all volunteered to be Red Cross Clubmobile Girls. It is 1944 and as the allies come closer to winning the war these three, smart and brave women want to do more than send care packages - they want to make a difference in the lives of the men who had no choice but to fight. College educated and bubbling with enthusiasm the girls are shipped to London for training. From there they will take their van to designated areas and army bases to serve the men donuts, coffee and more importantly shower them with hope and a little bit of home. In addition to the task at hand, Fiona is determined to find out more about her fiancé who has been missing in action for the last year. She cannot move on or even fully grieve until she knows what happened to him when his plane went down. These vivacious women become a shining star traveling the British coast, finding new friends and even some romance. It is not until they prove themselves that they dare to cross over to France where they are much closer to the frontlines and face danger, tough decisions and their own futures. This very easy to read novel filled with friendship, loyalty and history was an absolute pleasure. I had never heard of the wonderful Clubmobile Girls! Their story that began with distributing donuts tells us so much more about these very young troops, their patriotism and the unsung heroines who helped them. Highly recommend this latest novel by author Jane Healey, who I must thank for writing a beautiful story and posting incredible old photos of actual events.

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